The Whimsy Pose

(Molly, Jill, and Carolyn beneath the great Banyan tree in St. Petersburg, FL)

Do you want to add magic JOY back into your life? Try the whimsy pose!
What is the whimsy pose?
Answer: The whimsy pose is just as it sounds. It's a spur of the moment whimsical pose that allows you to have child-like fun and connect with other souls at any time and any place in a fun and magical way! 
How to do the whimsy pose:
  1. Find a location for the backdrop for your photo.
  2. Set the camera feature on your phone to the "selfie" mode.
  3. Take a picture of yourself or better yet, invite in friends or people you don't even know that might happen to pass by. (That makes the experience even more fun!)
  4. Strike your pose by putting one, two, or three fingers on your chin.
  5. Soften your gaze and turn your eyes to the right or left.
  6. Smile softly and imagine your world filled with peace, joy and love.
  7. When you are ready take the picture!
  8. Add another layer of goodness by making a wish upon a penny and leave one behind for another soul to find!
  9. Post your picture on social media using #whimsypose and help others souls remember they can have fun on their journey too!
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(Molly and Peter strike the whimsy pose in Malta)

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