Leaving Light Trails

(Molly's wanderer's backpack)

The Story Behind Leaving Light Trails

On April 1, 2016, my husband and I answered the call of our hearts and embarked on a magical journey. We became new world wanderers and did what Earthly Angels do, we "winged it." Over a five month period -- April through August 2016 we placed all of our belongings in storage sans two suitcases each and moved about the planet freely. It was so liberating! We traveled to distant lands. We left light trails in our footsteps. We visited sacred places. We met amazing people.

Two weeks before our journey began we encountered this boat docked at the local pier. The name written across the back of the boat Wanderer caught my eye and I snapped a picture. It was a perfect symbolic message from the Universe of confirmation that my husband and I were on the right track to follow our hearts and embark on our journey of light.

(The Wanderer boat docked at the pier in Little Harbor, Ruskin, FL)

Here is how this story began as a "seed of light":
Back in 2011, I received an intuitive reading session with a woman named Cynthia. During my reading, over 5 years ago, Cynthia said, "I see you and your husband circling the arc of the globe." She continued, "You will be spreading your message of goodness and light to others."  I didn't understand what she met at the time but I do now. As I continue to allow my heart to guide me I discover that this leg of my life's journey is part of my purpose, my destiny, my promise.

Asking other souls to join me:
In each part of the world we traveled, we brought Angel pennies (sent to us from souls like you). An Angel penny is used as a symbol of light to create an energy portal or votex of light. We brought these Angel pennies with us on the trip and left one or two at each location we visited.

(Angel Pennies for Peace --Jill Stephenson, mother of 
US Army Ranger Ben Kopp)

(Angel Pennies for Peace letter from an Angel named Kristina)

Each time we arrived in a new city or country I allowed my heart to lead the way and when I felt it was the right place I pulled an Angel penny out of my pocket or backpack and left it behind to create a new portal of light! Angel pennies were left in trees, under rocks, in cracks, caves, and rivers, at the base of statues, in fountains, on bridges, rooftops, and walls!

(Angel penny left at Stonehenge)

Global Map of Angel Penny Locations Around the World

Wherever we wandered...We left light there.

​Perhaps one day your heart may lead you to do the same.

Magical Journey Locations:

April 2016
St. Petersburg, Florida
Cozumel, Mexico
Harvest Caye, Belize
Roatan, Honduras
Houston, Texas
Miami, Florida
St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
Funchal, Portugal
Barcelona, Spain
Valleta, Malta

May 2016
Venice, Italy
Corfu, Greece
Santorini Island, Greece
Mykonos, Greece
Olympia, Greece
London, England
Vienna, Austria
Prague, Czechoslovakia
Budapest, Hungary

June 2016
Dublin, Ireland
Limerick, Ireland
Waterford, Ireland

July 2016
Malaga, Spain
​Lisbon, Portugal
Morocco, Africa (tentative)
Siesta Key, Florida (anchoring the journey of light at the Siesta Key vortex)

August 2016
 The Violet Wisdom Spiritual Retreat - Windom, Minnesota
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December 2016
Cienfuegos, Cuba
Santiago, Cuba
Havana, Cuba

Global Map of Angel Penny Locations Around the World

Peace and Love, 
Molly Friedenfeld

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