Molly Friedenfeld is a Dreamer, Illuminarian, Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker, and Lightworker.

Molly's mission as an Illuminarian is to illuminate the way for other souls to discover their inner wisdom and brilliance and inspire as many who will listen, that they were born to do the same.
Molly Friedenfeld Teacher of Light2Molly is also available for public speaking engagements - churches, schools, corporations, radio, and television interviews.
Molly Friedenfeld is the creator of the global radio show called Violet Wisdom Radio. She is an inspiration reporter, radio show host, and author. Molly finds souls making a positive impact in their communities and shares their inspirational stories with the world. She is the author of The Book of Simple Human Truths and Becoming an Earthly Angel.

Friedenfeld creates spiritual retreats, templates, videos, online courses, and in-person workshops to motivate and teach others how to communicate with Angels, access the wisdom of the heart, honor the light within every soul, create chains of goodness, spread positivity across the earth, and understand there are no coincidences – these are synchronicities.

Molly Friedenfeld

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