Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Squirrel Teachers and Squirrel Yoga

Hello Lightworkers!

I have loved squirrels since childhood. It was my father who shared his love of these little creatures with me. My father would sit on our back porch in the shade on hot summer days and eat peanuts. He would eat one for himself and then throw a peanut or two to the squirrels that gathered around the base of the enormous maple tree in our backyard.
Forty years later I still love these little creatures. They are wise spiritual teachers that teach me about energy and peace, in addition to assisting me with returning to my true nature. 

And in this blog post I would like to share with all of you one of my most poignant squirrel teaching moments that occurred approximately four years ago.

I was driving alone in my car not far from our home at the time in Plymouth, Minnesota, looking straight ahead at the road before me when suddenly something in my peripheral vision caught my eye. I soon discovered it was a squirrel and in the blink of an eye it ran into the side of the car hitting my right front tire. I was speechless. I kept driving and then looked into my rearview mirror and saw the squirrel laying in the street. Tears started rolling down my cheeks and I burst out crying. About 45 seconds later, in between breaths I somehow connected in with the stillness of Source or God within me. I stopped crying immediately. I took another deep breath in and a deep breath out. It was then I received a very clear message that made no sound but arrived in the form of a knowing Voice from deep inside me.

The Voice said, "You wouldn't leave a person lying back there in the street would you?"
This Voice caught me completely by surprise. So much so that I took a left turn at the first available cross street I encountered.
I parked my car by the curb and answered, 
"No I would never do that."
It then dawned on me. If we are all "One" as many of say once we awaken. Then we are all equal in the eyes of the divine. It is only the ego that creates an error in our thinking which creates the perception that it is okay to separate, destroy, undermine, or undervalue people, animals, or nature.
With this revelation I pulled away from the curb and headed back in the direction of the squirrel lying in the road. The thought flowed in that I had a paper bag in the back of my car. I pulled over to the curb next to the squirrel. When I stepped out of the car a new awareness came over me. It was inner strength and compassion all rolled into one. The strength came in knowing I was doing the right thing, and I really didn't care if someone saw me picking up a squirrel or wondered why I was doing it. The compassion flowed forth from my heart as I put the squirrel in the bag. In the next moment I was given a simple way to turn this experience into light.

I heard the Voice again.
"Insert honor into the experience." It said.
A thought flowed in my mind. "I'll bury this little squirrel in my fairy garden."
And that's exactly what I did. I drove back to my house. First, I made a cross out of sticks. I then created a sacred space in the fairy garden and gently placed the squirrel in the ground. On a piece of paper I wrote the Ho'Oponopono Prayer:
I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.
The final thing I did was this. I got back in my car and drove to the store up the street. I purchased a single red rose.
I placed the prayer and the rose on top of the sacred spot where I buried the squirrel.
Then, I headed back out into the world in the direction of my original intention before the "compassion detour".

Here's where the miracle for me unfolded. That night I had a dream. The squirrel whose life I accidentally ended came to me in that dream. The squirrel sat at the bottom of a gigantic tree, just like the one in my childhood backyard but even bigger. It was like the Tree of Life tree.
He stated, "Thank you for honoring me."
He then ran up the top of the tree and stood on one of its huge branches.
He exclaimed! "Look at where I live now! Isn't it magnificent?!"
I woke up from the dream with a new understanding of the importance of inserting honor into every experience with people (this includes myself), animals and nature, no exceptions.

Whenever we insert honor into any experience we shall always take out the pain.

I have found that squirrels love the energy of peace just as much as I do. At the Squirrel Yoga class by the pool at my home yesterday the attendees were acting a bit "squirrely" at first but only until I got in the present moment, centered, and still. Choosing to be still allows me to create a sacred space by connecting with the divine in me. I then emanate the energy of peace from my entire being. It's amazing how I can connect with nature, animals and any human being when I "return" to my true nature - peace and love. When I connect in with the peace within me the squirrels immediately begin to connect in with the peaceful energy I am emanating. I know the moment this occurs because they start coming closer and closer to the feeling I am extending to everything around me. Many times I close my eyes and just listen which allows me to began to tune into all the sounds of nature. I hear the birds chirping, the bamboo moving in the wind, and I can also hear my little squirrel friends crunching on sunflower seeds just a foot or two away from me and that is the best sound ever.

The names of the squirrels I have learned so far are: Curly, James, Sophie, Buddy, Daphne and Roger!

Peace and Love,
Molly Friedenfeld
Positivity Coaching, Inspirational Speaking, and Peace Minister

Molly Friedenfeld is A Course In Miracles Facilitator and Illuminarian
My mission is to illuminate the way for other souls to discover their inner wisdom and brilliance and inspire as many who will listen, that they were born to do the same.

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