Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Reconnecting With The Child Spirit

Hello Lightworkers!

In this blogpost I would love to share some of the ways I am experiencing living in a 5D world and all the awesomeness it has to offer. I truly hope my story inspires you to create heaven on earth for yourself too!


I have been having the most fun ever creating a childhood dream of mine here at my home in Florida. I brought the dream to fruition by utilizing an old barn that my husband Peter and I have on our property. The concept flowed in while I was cleaning up an area under a large overhang connected to the barn. The area was previously used for storing an old riding lawn mower and implements. As I began moving things out to create space I started having visions of what it could become. My sister came to visit soon thereafter. I showed her the space. She immediately connected with my vision too!

We decided to get to work! So that very day, I brought out my Bluetooth speaker and turned on the fairy music. My sister and I removed cobwebs, rusty old metal pieces, stacks and stacks of old roofing shingles, and took down old shelving. By the end of the day the energy of the area had completely transformed. Since that day I continued to have fun working on the creation. I painted the barn a sunshine fairy yellow color, strung lighting to create a magical feel, and hung up butterfly wings to represent color and transformation.

I shared my vision with others by inviting friends to join me in the clubhouse on Palm Sunday and again on Easter Sunday. It was so amazing! Fifteen soul brothers and sisters sat in a circle, out in nature, sharing wisdom for three hours. We talked about magical things, supported one another, and connected hearts. It was heaven! This is just one way you can create a Project of Light! If you have a dream, focus on the dream, keep choosing what you wish to create, hold no other focus and you shall see your dream come to life!

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Peace and Love,
Molly Friedenfeld
Positivity Coaching, Inspirational Speaking, and Peace Minister

Molly Friedenfeld is a Dreamer, Illuminarian, Facilitator, and Lightworker.
My mission is to illuminate the way for other souls to discover their inner wisdom and brilliance and inspire as many who will listen, that they were born to do the same.