Saturday, February 17, 2018

Honoring the Tree and Bees if You Please

Today I would like to share with you a story about trees, bees, and awesome humans!
My husband Peter and I live on a magical property in Sarasota, Florida. We purchased our home back in August 2017. The moment we pulled up to the front of the house for the first time we were greeted by a magnificent oak tree. As we walked the property we discovered an equally amazing oak tree located on the south side of the house that is even bigger than the tree in the front! I feel so connected to these trees. They have become my friends. The trees are so wise, strong, and magical.
The Native Americans understand the sacredness of the trees. I have heard they call the trees, "Standing People." I absolutely agree. The consciousness of the trees transcend the 3D world, When you intentionally connect with a tree it helps you to raise your vibration and your consciousness which allows you to experience the vibrational dimensions of 5D and higher.
Last summer, a few days before hurricane Irma came through this area on September 10, 2017, I got an idea. Before we packed up and left the house I put my hand on the trunk of the tree out front.
I said.
"Stand strong and tall my friend. Sway and move with the wind, but stand strong. Please send this message through your root system and up through the antenna you call your branches - to all the trees on this property and all the tree throughout the entire state and the country. You've got this!"
When we returned to our home 3 days after the hurricane we discovered only minimal damage. There were leaves all over the ground but only a few big branches came down out by the road, but nothing touched our house. The trees stood tall! It was so incredible!

Flash Forward to Today

We have been wanting to have our amazing trees trimmed up a bit as their branches are beginning to get too close to the roof. I spoke to our landscaper. His name is Jose and he is such an awesome human. I mentioned to Jose that the tree branches need to be trimmed back so they don't scrape the roof during a storm.
During our conversation about tree trimming I said,
"Jose, these trees are my friends. I want to make sure that if you trim them back that I am allowed to work with you the entire time. I will stand out of the way and at a safe distance but I want to be able to tell you which branches need to be trimmed."
Jose is so kind, patient, and awesome. He agreed with a smile.

Here's the AwEsOmEnEsS that Happened Next

What happened over the course of the following 3 hours was truly amazing. It was one of the coolest experiences ever!

As I stood on the ground I got very still and connected in with the consciousness of the tree. 
I said to the tree, 
"Jose and I are here to honor your beauty and purpose for being."
I continued, 
"I assure you we will be patient and diligent and make sure that we will trim back only the branches that are necessary to help keep you strong, beautiful, and healthy and keep your branches a safe distance from the roof."
And then the most awesome thing happened!!!!
The tree began to flow into my consciousness exactly which branches to cut or trim!
I would relay the information I received to Jose who was high up in the tree.
Jose would then cut a branch as instructed.
He would then turn off his chainsaw and wait for my next instruction.
I would check in with the tree. 
It would tell me what branch was next.
I would then tell Jose.
And on we went for the next hour trimming this magnificent tree.
When we finished with the tree in the front we moved to the south side of the house where the other large oak tree was.
Before we began trimming the tree I relayed some important information about the bees that live at the base of the large oak tree.
I said, 
"Jose, in this area I want you to be aware that there is a large bee hive at the base of this oak tree. The bees live in the bromeliad plants.
Jose said, 
"Those bees are dangerous. We need to do something."
I said, 
"I work next to these bees all the time. If you honor their space, I guarantee they will honor our space." 
I continued, 
"We will be fine. I just wanted to make you aware of their presence so you can honor their presence while you work."
I finished by saying, 
"We need the bees, they are very important to our survival. Without the bees pollinating the plants we would have no food. The other thing I always keep in the front of my mind is that they were here first so I have learned how to share this space with them and be an honorable guest."
And so, for the next two hours, me, Jose, and two other workers, Javier, and Juan, worked alongside the trees and the bees! Not one bee bothered us because we honored their purpose for "bee-ing"!
This is what Heaven on earth in a 5D world looks like and feels like. Nature, animals, insects, and humans all working and living in harmony and balance.
When we finished trimming up all the trees I flowed love and gratitude to the tree. It flowed love and gratitude back to me.
I then flowed love and gratitude to Jose, Javier, and Juan. We had a day of AwEsOmEnEsS x 1000!
Moral of the story. Heaven on earth is here now for each one of us. Your awareness and love expand your consciousness and this is based on your moment-by-moment choices. We create magic by connecting via the pathway of the heart with everyone and everything.

Peace and Love,
Molly Friedenfeld
Positivity Coaching, Inspirational Speaking, and Peace Minister

Molly Friedenfeld is a Dreamer, Illuminarian, Facilitator, and Lightworker.
My mission is to illuminate the way for other souls to discover their inner wisdom and brilliance and inspire as many who will listen, that they were born to do the same.

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