Friday, June 30, 2017

The Deer on My Doorstep

Hello Lightworkers!

In this blog post I would love to share a story with you about love, light and magic. Back in 2007 my father James Hershey transitioned to the light. His birthday was, June 10th. The night my father transitioned to the light a magical buck with huge antlers stood watch outside of his hospice room window the entire evening. My father loved deer. During hunting season he would get in his van, drive out to the country and go "deer watching" instead of "deer hunting". He loved to experience the connection to nature. Since his transition to the light one of the ways he communicates with me is through magical encounters with deer. And last month on the day of his birthday as I was walking by my front entryway I felt compelled to look out the glass doors towards the front yard. What I discovered was MaGiC! Standing outside looking back in at me was a beautiful and majestic deer! I said out loud, "That's AwEsOmE! Thank you for the beautiful message from the other side dad. Happy Birthday!"

Special side note here: My husband and I live in a gated community. There is one deer that found her way into the development. This is the deer that found her way to our doorstep on my father's birthday! Now that's AwEsOmE! This much I know. The energy of grace and peace have a magical way of making an entrance.
Excerpt from The Book of Simple Human Truths of the magical encounter I had with a deer the night of my father's transition to the light.
It had been a very long day at the hospice center where my father was living out his remaining hours on earth. Earlier that day, each member of our family had lovingly said goodbye to my father and given him permission to leave this world. We had learned earlier from the compassionate hospice nurses that granting permission to leave eases the soul’s ties, releasing the bonds and obligations that may hold the person back from departing freely.

It was now after 10 p.m. My entire family was exhausted, and everyone but me had left for the evening. I was now alone with my thoughts and my father. I had received a very strong and undeniable message, which had popped into my head a few days before. Namely, that I was to stay with him when he crossed over to God’s light. I was honored to receive this gift and grateful that I had listened to the spiritual sign instead of discounting it or plowing right past it.

As I sat by his bedside I held his hand and sent him feelings of pure love and gratitude from my heart. I told him he was a wonderful man and a great dad and grandfather. I reassured him that all those relatives who had passed before him would be waiting in God’s light with open arms to receive him. To make it even more real, I began to tick to off names. I said, “Your sisters Betty and Margaret will be there, your Mom and Dad, your favorite dog Mikey, and most importantly, God.”

My father had been a triathlete and running was his passion. So I turned these final moments on earth into the race of his life. I continued, “See that yellow ribbon up ahead? Head toward it, you are almost there. You ran a good race and now it’s time to break through that ribbon and run into God’s beautiful light.” The moment I said that last word, I felt a shift of energy and I knew in my heart that he had heard every single word as spoken. I knew he could feel and hear the absolute truth contained within the final sentences I would speak to him while he was in his physical body.

From previous conversations with my father over the years, I knew he would not want me to see him take his last breath. Honoring wishes or requests is one of the intentional final gifts you can give another soul before he or she leaves this world. So I told him I loved him one last time. Speaking softly and slowly, I said, “I am leaving the room, but not the building. I will be here with you. I am now going down the hall.” I picked up my bags noisily so he could hear that I was moving as promised.

Moments later, as I sat in the chair in the waiting room at the end of the hall, a nurse came to tell me she had looked in on my father and that he had just passed away. I got up immediately and headed back into the room; upon entering, I saw another nurse with a stethoscope to his chest. She announced, “His heart is taking one last flutter here.” I felt so blessed with those eight words, for I had honored my father’s wish to not have me see him take his last breath, and he had honored me by allowing me to be in the room with him when he crossed over to God’s light.

After saying goodbye to my father for the last time that night, I traveled home alone with my thoughts. I lived thirty-five miles north of Minneapolis at the time, and was on the last leg of my lonely journey back, which covered a twelve-mile stretch of road with only one lane heading north and one lane heading south. I was driving and crying; in between breaths, waiting for my next loud cry to emerge, I heard a voice inside my head. The voice said, “Slow down.” I was going 60 mph at the time, and knew right away it was important to pay attention.

I slowed the car down to about 5 mph. As I came around a bend, there, standing in the middle of the road, was a deer. It was beautiful, gentle, and peaceful. Our eyes locked. I stared at the deer and the deer stared back at me through the windshield. The words came flowing out of my mouth: “I got it Dad, I love you. Thanks for letting me know that you are OK.” At the end of that sentence the deer trotted to the side of the road. As I drove away slowly, the deer remained in my rearview mirror, looking in the direction of my taillights, until the darkness of the night filled in the space between me and the spiritual sign my father and the Universe had sent just for me.

Wherever you may wander...leave light there.

Peace and Love,
Molly Friedenfeld
Positivity Coaching and Inspirational Speaking

Molly Friedenfeld is a Dreamer, Illuminarian, Facilitator, and Lightworker.
My mission is to illuminate the way for other souls to discover their inner wisdom and brilliance and inspire as many who will listen, that they were born to do the same.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Be Happy and Watch Your World Become Brighter!

Hello Lightworkers!

In this blogpost I would like to offer up something to think about as you head out the door today...

Most individuals like to be around happy people, right?

These are the souls that lift you up and perhaps make you feel more alive. These are the souls that help you to remember your truth or who it is you came here to be. These are the souls that help you to remember to remain connected to your inner light and feel your beauty, your strength and your power.
Do you know anyone who says, "I can't wait to see my friend Jan, Betsy, or John today he or she is so resentful, angry, negative, and mean. He or she constantly complains about everything, including me. I can't wait to spend the day with Betsy so she can help me feel really inferior, guilty, or bad about myself."

Conversely, when you hang out with someone that lifts you up with their JoY this soul can help you remember your brilliance and when you leave his or her presence you may feel shiny, bright, powerful, and restored.

In every moment you have a choice. 

Do you choose LovE over fear? Do you choose to be HaPpY over sad? Do you choose courage, bravery, strength, empowerment? Or do you choose to give your power away to someone or some thing?
Everything is a choice. 

You will find this "choice" option to be a truth when you reflect back to a time in your life that you chose to feel the joy that resides within you. Nothing in your outer world changed to make you feel happy or changed. 

You, in that moment made the high vibrational choice to be happy and your Universe responded to the energy of the thoughts or feelings that you were transmitting. You made the choice to shine brighter and expand your energy instead of feeling sad, angry, or resentful which contracts your energy. Congratulations you are now the Guardian of your own Universe!


One of the simple ways you can start feeling better about yourself and the world is to release the souls that bring you down. Let those souls hang out with other negative souls if that is their choice. Hold the vision of love for those souls that they too will some day make higher vibrational choices. All you are asked to do is make the choice to hang out with higher vibrational souls that have a positive outlook and a positive vision. And then watch how the Universe flows in amazing new opportunities and souls to match your new vision of positivity. I guarantee this will work! The reason? It's a Universal Law of Attraction. What you put out, you get back. Do this one simple thing as see how the vision of your world immediately starts to change. Now, go forth and be HaPpY! Yahoo!

We can be love.
We can show love.
We can lead others with love.

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Wherever you may wander...leave light there.

Peace and Love,
Molly Friedenfeld
Positivity Coaching

Molly Friedenfeld is a Dreamer, Illuminarian, Facilitator, and Lightworker.
My mission is to illuminate the way for other souls to discover their inner wisdom and brilliance and inspire as many who will listen, that they were born to do the same.