Friday, January 6, 2017

Dining with a Tree Frog Named Priscilla

(The Frog Princess Priscilla)

Today I would like to share a simple story of AwEsOmEnEsS!

My friend Kelli and I went to an awesome meditation last Monday night in Sarasota, Florida. After the meditation event we wanted to catch up with each other so we took a stroll to a local establishment called the Meadows Village Pub located just a few doors away. It was a beautiful night and we love the outdoors so we decided to sit outside on the patio. We chose a table with three chairs located beneath a magnificent tree. When we went to sit down we discovered a tree frog sitting on one of the chairs!

So Kelli sat down in one chair. I sat down in the other and the tree frog sat in the third chair! We all talked and had an amazing time! This magical tree frog even had her froggie hands crossed as if she was listening to our conversation. Ha ha! She stayed with us the entire time. At one point she jumped to the ground, (perhaps to catch a bug), but then jumped back up on the same chair and reclaimed her spot for the rest of the evening!

And yes, ha ha, we both kissed her, (even though she was a girl frog). So as not to frighten her and honor her space we kissed our index finger first and then touched her nose. She didn't even move! What a magical Faerie Princess! 

Did you know that frogs are a bridging energy to the Faerie world? When a frog or toad is near so are the Faeries!

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Peace and Love,
Molly Friedenfeld

Molly Friedenfeld is a Dreamer, Illuminarian, Facilitator, and Lightworker.

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