Friday, July 15, 2016

Become a Peaceful Guardian

Today, I would like to ask the Earthly Angels that have awakened and are walking on this planet to simply "unplug" from viewing, reading, or sharing negative stories in any way. Connecting in with negative energy adds more 'energy' to it. Sharing a negative story perpetuates fear and gives it energy, and then we become connected to, and part of, the very story we want to see end.

In peaceful ways we can change the world with our 'light.'

We are that brilliant.

We are that wise.

We are that powerful.

We are that courageous.

We are the Peaceful Guardians.

If you are reading this post, you most likely have awakened to the bigger purpose behind the crumbling of the old world foundations and old world mindsets like fear, hatred, betrayal, separation, fighting, judgment, and dishonesty. None of these illusion based things are brought forth out of LoVe and none of these things serve humanity.

The ending of old ways, habits, and beliefs presents itself many times as "mini-earthquakes within the soul". It shows up in our lives as a shaking loose or rattling of one's own cage, so to speak, so the soul can awaken and step out of his or her own self-imposed prison. As each person does this many times instead of looking to themselves for self reflection and healing, the ego directs the person to lash out at the world. A soul may think everyone else is doing it wrong and begins to point a finger in every direction facing outward. This creates more chaos within the soul. Individuals experiencing inner chaos connect energetically with other individuals creating and experiencing chaos. They "meet-up" on the same vibration...the FEAR vibration.

When we as Lightworkers (souls that work with the light) can remember to remain anchored in our heart we remain on the higher vibration of LOVE. The LOVE vibration super highway allows us to see things from the higher perspective and view the world with the 'eyes of the heart'. This in turn helps us to remember that LoVe always lights the way.

Become a Peaceful Guardian

So... to put it simply, 'Become a Peaceful Guardian'. When we are brave enough to remain connected to our inner light we remain connected to our inner wisdom, and then we don't "meet-up" on the FEAR vibration with the people who want to fight. Instead we make courageous and empowering choices that help us to remember to remain on the vibration of PeAcE and LoVe. This is where the brilliance of the Lightworker comes in. By staying in our light we shine our brilliance out to others, even those who are trying to knock us off our center in some way with negativity. All the Divine is asking us to do is to just 'be the light' and flow light to every experience and every soul. In this way we light up the world!

The Dismantling of Old Foundations

Let's talk for a minute about old foundations. The crumbling of old foundations and institutions always creates the space for new energy and new, pure foundations to be built. The crumbling and dismantling of the "person we once were" to the "person that is now awakening" creates the space for a new Lightworker to emerge. And then...that Lightworker starts lighting up the world too!

I would like to ask a favor of you. If it feels right, please take a moment once a day and join me 'energetically' in a sacred circle' with other Lightworker Earthly Angels around the world and send light across the earth and across the Universe.

Circle of Light Meditation

All you have to do is:

  • Center yourself in your heart.
  • Ask a team of Angels to fly in and form a gigantic circle.
  • Step into this circle and invite all the other Lightworkers in the world that are holding the vision of Peace and Love on Earth in their hearts to join you "arm in arm" in the inner circle. (You can even create a group and invite specific Lightworker friends!)
  • You now have two circles. One outer ring with Angels. One inner ring with Earthly Angels.
  • Light up your heart and with your heart energetically ask the other Lightworkers to do this too.
  • Now, ask all the Angels and Lightworkers to send waves of love from your hearts into the center of the circle and see, imagine, or feel an enormous vortex of love in a column of the most brilliant light you have ever seen begin to form in front of your eyes. Each moment it gets bigger and bigger and bigger until it completely fills the circle.
  • Next, all of you, arm-in-arm, heart connected to heart, send this light up and command the light to cover the earth. Wrap the earth in light. Send this light into every doorway, into every heart of every living thing on this earth. Create a blanket of light over the entire earth so souls on this earth can feel this magnificent light. This light helps souls that are lashing out in anger feel their own inner light. It helps heal ancient energetic wounds that are now being brought to the surface to heal. LoVe conquers all, always. Always yield to love.
  • End with flowing gratitude to everyone and everything and open your eyes.

Special note: Once you've done this one time you create a pathway which then allows you to do this in minutes.

I invite you to call in my energy to your sacred healing circle. I will stand as a peaceful warrior arm-in-arm with you as we send love and light across the earth to assist souls with healing their heart and the world heart.

(Mahatma Gandhi statue in Union Square, New York, New York)

"In a gentle way you can shake the world."
~Mahatma Gandhi

Question of the day:

How are you going to remain grounded as the world around you awakens to the bigger purpose?

Peace and Love,

Molly Friedenfeld

Molly Friedenfeld is an Intuitive Light Coach, Spiritual Healer, Angel Channel, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Teacher of Light.
Peace and Love,

Molly Friedenfeld

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