Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Greatest Love of All - Love Yourself

Hi Everybody!

Today, I would like to share a story with you about how we can find our way to LoVe everyone in a super simple way.

For the month of July 2016, my husband and I are living down by the beach in Siesta Key, Florida. I have traveled to many different beaches around the world and for me this one my favorite so far.  During our stay here at Siesta Key Beach I have become inspired to begin a new routine. Let me explain. Each day just as the sun is rising in the sky I head to the ocean with two empty plastic bags. My simple goal is to fill two bags with trash before my walk by the ocean is finished.

It makes me feel good to pick up trash because without saying a word to anyone, just by picking up trash I am loving myself and I am modeling to the world that I am seeing something that needs my 'light' and I am giving my light to it unconditionally.

Here's what "I AM" doing:
  • I am picking up trash and beautifying the area.
  • I am burning calories.
  • I am greeting the sun with gratitude as it rises in the sky.
  • I am soaking in the beauty of nature that is surrounding me.
  • I am helping to keep the beach looking beautiful. 
  • I am contributing to protecting the environment.
  • I am honoring myself, creatures, and the ocean.
  • I am role-modeling to others the importance of keeping our beaches clean without saying a word.

During my beach walks I've picked up approximately 60 pounds of trash so far: I've collected cigarette butts, shirts, socks, diapers, plastic bottles, six-pack rings, aluminum cans, broken glass, glass bottles, towels, chicken bones, blankets, sandals, straws, plastic wrappers, beach umbrellas, plastic shovels, band-aids, and even swim suit bottoms. (I guess the surf was a little rough that day and some unfortunate soul lost the other half of her bikini!) I've also dragged huge gazebo canopy set, broken and abandoned to the lifeguard shack so the beach patrol could bring in a cart to discard it.

(The yellow lifeguard shacks at Siesta Key Beach and Siesta Key vortex)

What would LoVe do here?:

As I'm picking up the trash I am constantly having a conversation with the Universe. I send LoVe to myself first and then I, and then I ask the Universe to send love and blessings to the souls leaving the trash. 

Why do I do this?
I do it because I want to remain in my 'light'. When I bathe myself in love I don't 'judge' what other souls are doing. I just stay in my light. This simple act allows me to view things from a higher perspective and inspire others to become part of the bigger solution.

I also want all souls to 'feel loved'. When a soul 'allows' love and light to flow into its heart it begins to awaken to the bigger purpose and "see" the bigger picture and "connection" to all that is. The connection being that we are all in this together. My planet is your planet. My community is your community. My beach is your beach. My pollution becomes your pollution.

I want the individuals that are leaving the trash behind to 'feel connected to their light', not judged. What has judgment ever done for anyone of us? It doesn't inspire change. When someone judges us it closes down our hearts and makes us feel downright icky. It creates separation and builds a wall between me and you. It creates the mentality of "us" against "them". My goal is that I want people to feel connected to me, the beach, the birds, the water, the environment, and not shut off from it. So...I send LoVE, blessings, and light to me first, and then to each and every soul, each and every time I bend down to pick up a plastic cup, a dirty diaper, a cigarette butt.

Talking 'trash' leaves something to clean up later.

I have met lovely souls, (Beach Angels actually), on the beach while I'm picking up trash. These souls pick up trash too, and yet many of these lovely souls moments after our introduction begin to "talk trash" about the people "leaving trash" which is really the same thing energetically. Words can be thrown around like trash which then creates negative energy and this too will need to be 'cleaned up'. So in effect the people that don't like the trash are creating more trash.

Many of the residents are angry at the people that pollute the beaches. I understand where this is coming from as it is quite puzzling and hard to comprehend why the individuals that come to visit these locations to enjoy the pristine beaches leave a wake of trash behind.

However, when I feel the energy of anger coming forth from an individual regarding the trash during a conversation I simply remember to turn up my light and send LoVe to myself first, and then to the soul in front of me with a message I embed in this light so they can receive my message into the heart. This is what an Earthly Angel does, remains in his or her light.

In a recent conversation with a Beach Angel I stated, "Many times people are just uneducated as to the repercussions of their actions and they don't see the bigger picture. I'm sure you can relate to something similar to this in your life. Heaven knows we've all done unconscious things like this before. It might just look a little different."

I continued, "What I like to do is inspire people to become an integral part of connecting hearts with my vision. I allow individuals to see how they can join in and make an impact too! When we find simple ways to inspire others to connect in with our vision of goodness now we have something! The old way of shaming or blaming is a negative way of attempting to teach a lesson and it just doesn't get people to do anything other than wanting to get as far away from us as possible. This is the opposite of perhaps what I think you want to accomplish."

I continued, "But what if you find ways InSpIrE people to connect with your heart-centered vision then they might not only want to help, but also share your concept and vision with others such as friends, family, and social media!"

It has been so amazing to see how the light goes off in their eyes when they can feel the love and the light of truth that I am sending to their heart on how they can find a new way to get others to connect with their "heart-centered" vision. We then shake hands and each one of us Beach Angels leave on a wave of light! It's so amazing!

How to recognize when the Universe flows in confirmation.

One of the benefits of leaving light trails in your footsteps is you begin to recognize intuitively, symbolically, and synchronistically when the Universe is flowing confirmation to you that you are on the right track with your vision of LoVe for the world.

Here's just one of the ways this shows up in my life:

The next day after a powerful conversation on the beach with another Beach Angel I was walking along the beach just like the day before and stooped down to pick up a piece of paper on the ground. As I was putting it in my bag I felt compelled to look at it closer. I discovered a perfect message of confirmation from the Universe regarding sending love to myself and others and blessing the souls leaving trash behind. The piece of paper read: "The Greatest Love of All". (See photo of piece of paper at top of blogpost). 

I then heard clear as a bell Whitney Houston's angelic voice singing her hit song "The Greatest Love of All" in my head. I could feel my entire being flooded with love and gratitude. This is how the Universe, my Higher Self, and my Angels flow in confirmation to show me that I am on the right track, creating a chain of light, and doing my part to see the bigger picture. Now that's AwEsOme!

Find the lyrics to The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston, HERE.

Do you want to flow more love into your life?

All you need to do is create a 'sacred cycle'. In any experience you are traveling through let love light the way! All you are asked to do is flow love to yourself first (to receive love because this is your sacred journey), and then flow love out (sending love) to everyone and everything, especially the souls creating any kind of destruction in the world in any way. 


Because this creates a sacred cycle that helps you to remain anchored in your light and your light then reflects out to the world and helps other souls awaken to the bigger picture. When the other souls connect in with the light of their heart they awaken to the bigger picture and then they might become a Lightworker just like you!

Question of the day:

How are you going to extend yourself in some way unconditionally today?

Find more tips on how to become an Earthly Angel in my book "Becoming an Earthly Angel". You can find it on or you can find it on my website:

Peace and Love,

Molly Friedenfeld

Molly Friedenfeld is an Intuitive Light Coach, Spiritual Healer, Angel Channel, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Teacher of Light.Peace and Love,

Molly Friedenfeld

Friday, July 15, 2016

Become a Peaceful Guardian

Today, I would like to ask the Earthly Angels that have awakened and are walking on this planet to simply "unplug" from viewing, reading, or sharing negative stories in any way. Connecting in with negative energy adds more 'energy' to it. Sharing a negative story perpetuates fear and gives it energy, and then we become connected to, and part of, the very story we want to see end.

In peaceful ways we can change the world with our 'light.'

We are that brilliant.

We are that wise.

We are that powerful.

We are that courageous.

We are the Peaceful Guardians.

If you are reading this post, you most likely have awakened to the bigger purpose behind the crumbling of the old world foundations and old world mindsets like fear, hatred, betrayal, separation, fighting, judgment, and dishonesty. None of these illusion based things are brought forth out of LoVe and none of these things serve humanity.

The ending of old ways, habits, and beliefs presents itself many times as "mini-earthquakes within the soul". It shows up in our lives as a shaking loose or rattling of one's own cage, so to speak, so the soul can awaken and step out of his or her own self-imposed prison. As each person does this many times instead of looking to themselves for self reflection and healing, the ego directs the person to lash out at the world. A soul may think everyone else is doing it wrong and begins to point a finger in every direction facing outward. This creates more chaos within the soul. Individuals experiencing inner chaos connect energetically with other individuals creating and experiencing chaos. They "meet-up" on the same vibration...the FEAR vibration.

When we as Lightworkers (souls that work with the light) can remember to remain anchored in our heart we remain on the higher vibration of LOVE. The LOVE vibration super highway allows us to see things from the higher perspective and view the world with the 'eyes of the heart'. This in turn helps us to remember that LoVe always lights the way.

Become a Peaceful Guardian

So... to put it simply, 'Become a Peaceful Guardian'. When we are brave enough to remain connected to our inner light we remain connected to our inner wisdom, and then we don't "meet-up" on the FEAR vibration with the people who want to fight. Instead we make courageous and empowering choices that help us to remember to remain on the vibration of PeAcE and LoVe. This is where the brilliance of the Lightworker comes in. By staying in our light we shine our brilliance out to others, even those who are trying to knock us off our center in some way with negativity. All the Divine is asking us to do is to just 'be the light' and flow light to every experience and every soul. In this way we light up the world!

The Dismantling of Old Foundations

Let's talk for a minute about old foundations. The crumbling of old foundations and institutions always creates the space for new energy and new, pure foundations to be built. The crumbling and dismantling of the "person we once were" to the "person that is now awakening" creates the space for a new Lightworker to emerge. And then...that Lightworker starts lighting up the world too!

I would like to ask a favor of you. If it feels right, please take a moment once a day and join me 'energetically' in a sacred circle' with other Lightworker Earthly Angels around the world and send light across the earth and across the Universe.

Circle of Light Meditation

All you have to do is:

  • Center yourself in your heart.
  • Ask a team of Angels to fly in and form a gigantic circle.
  • Step into this circle and invite all the other Lightworkers in the world that are holding the vision of Peace and Love on Earth in their hearts to join you "arm in arm" in the inner circle. (You can even create a group and invite specific Lightworker friends!)
  • You now have two circles. One outer ring with Angels. One inner ring with Earthly Angels.
  • Light up your heart and with your heart energetically ask the other Lightworkers to do this too.
  • Now, ask all the Angels and Lightworkers to send waves of love from your hearts into the center of the circle and see, imagine, or feel an enormous vortex of love in a column of the most brilliant light you have ever seen begin to form in front of your eyes. Each moment it gets bigger and bigger and bigger until it completely fills the circle.
  • Next, all of you, arm-in-arm, heart connected to heart, send this light up and command the light to cover the earth. Wrap the earth in light. Send this light into every doorway, into every heart of every living thing on this earth. Create a blanket of light over the entire earth so souls on this earth can feel this magnificent light. This light helps souls that are lashing out in anger feel their own inner light. It helps heal ancient energetic wounds that are now being brought to the surface to heal. LoVe conquers all, always. Always yield to love.
  • End with flowing gratitude to everyone and everything and open your eyes.

Special note: Once you've done this one time you create a pathway which then allows you to do this in minutes.

I invite you to call in my energy to your sacred healing circle. I will stand as a peaceful warrior arm-in-arm with you as we send love and light across the earth to assist souls with healing their heart and the world heart.

(Mahatma Gandhi statue in Union Square, New York, New York)

"In a gentle way you can shake the world."
~Mahatma Gandhi

Question of the day:

How are you going to remain grounded as the world around you awakens to the bigger purpose?

Peace and Love,

Molly Friedenfeld

Molly Friedenfeld is an Intuitive Light Coach, Spiritual Healer, Angel Channel, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Teacher of Light.
Peace and Love,

Molly Friedenfeld