Wednesday, June 22, 2016

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

(A powerful message stamped on concrete -- Tarifa, Spain)

I discovered this powerful message on a wall by the old fort down by the oceanside in Tarifa, Spain during my "leaving light trails journey".  It's powerful message continued to return to my consciousness throughout the day long after we left the area. When my husband and I decided to have a cup of coffee at a Starbucks in Marbella, Spain the next day the words and questions for myself and humanity regarding this simple message stamped on a concrete wall began to flow from my heart. 

Hit the replay button...why does history repeat itself?

What if today each one of us found a way to be brave enough to look with new eyes upon the illumination that God, the Universe, the Divine Collective, or (whatever you wish to call your Higher Power), continually and symbolically provides Divine Clues to humanity regarding how history continues to repeat itself?

Would we find truth beneath all the layers of illusion and fear that war creates? Would we find that a war of any kind creates and perpetuates more wars? Would we find that hatred, anger, spite, or the need to usurp another creates a vibrational match within our being and this vibration aligns with the vibration of war? And, isn't this the very thing we are trying to end? Would we find our way to the TRUTH that perhaps this is the reason why humanity continues to recreate war after war, after war?

When war is present there will always be refugees. Bombs destroy homes and infrastructure. Guns are used in war to destroy human beings. Period. This creates destruction of families. The act of killing another human creates the new need for healing across all family lines down through the generations on both sides of the war...Mothers, fathers, children, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, acquaintances who hear the stories of the event all store this pain in their cellular DNA. It becomes a whirlwind of pain, grief, and trauma carried through the lineage of history.

My grandmother’s only son, my uncle Richard Reese, a 19-year-old teenager from Wisconsin, froze to death on the battlefield during the Korean War. She never was the same after his passing. I think she just couldn’t make sense of something so senseless. His death affected my life too. He was an uncle I never had the chance to meet. I only met him in black-and-white photos. My mother carried the pain of losing her only brother in her heart for her entire journey here. You see…WAR is the great thief…It  steals a family’s wishes, hopes, and dreams.

As we travel around the world to places that have been ripped apart by war...Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Hungary I hear story after story of the trauma war has created in the lives of its people. 

War, what is it good for? Who does it serve? 

War affects towns, livelihood, and basic structure. This then creates the need for the people left behind in the war zone to leave all that they know with a few belongings and traverse across foreign borders to find some kind of peace and solace. A new home. A new something. Anything. Some place of refuge perhaps different than the destruction, rubble, and pain from where they have traveled from. 

Think about this for a moment...Wouldn't we all do the same if someone invaded our country, our town, our home? Where do you go when you have no place to go?

There were millions of refugees during the Holocaust. Thousands upon thousands in the Vietnam War. Many of those refugees who were turned away from borders perished at the hands of others. Many souls were shown love and mercy and taken in by other countries by Earthly Angels around the globe. 

Courageous Love:
Can we all be brave enough to end the battle within ourselves so the only vibration within our being is LOVE?

People love to follow and admire powerful souls that walked this earth such as Jesus, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, and Mother Mary. Why? I think perhaps one of the reasons is because no matter what symbolic 'Molotav Cocktail' was throw at these powerful souls via harsh words, rocks, imprisonment, or spears they refused to connect in with the vibration of war. They chose to let LOVE light the way. Each one of these souls became an authentic symbol of Peace and Love as they walked upon this earth in human form.
(Mary and Child Jesus - Vejer de la Frontera, Spain)

These brave souls flowed love and light to the experience instead. They became a servant of the light and surrendered to the light at every opportunity. Each one in his or her own special way became a walking lighthouse that others could find as they traveled through the dark and turbulent waters. 

(Lighthouse at Cabo de Roca -- The Westernmost point of Continental Europe -- Portugal)

Does war occur in Heaven?

Does war occur in Heaven? And if not, why do we allow a few people in power around the world, and even in our own governments, to continue convincing us to keep killing each other? Why do we allow wars to exist here if we have faith that wars of any kind do not exist in Heaven?

Borders Create Separation:

We are all sovereign beings. Even if someone tries to put us in chains. You can not chain a heart. Don't we all deserve a place on this earth to call home? Who owns the earth?

What if we now come full circle and remember one simple line from the Lord's Prayer to help us remember the bigger picture...

"On earth as it is in Heaven."

We must be brave enough to find our own truth and remember no matter walk in our authentic light. 

Wherever I wander... I will be brave and speak my truth and on my path I shall leave light there.
Molly Friedenfeld is an Intuitive Light Coach, Spiritual Healer, Angel Channel, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Teacher of Light.

Peace and Love,
Molly Friedenfeld

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