Friday, June 24, 2016

Do One Thing That Scares You Every Day

(Molly and Peter wonder where in the world they will travel next)

Today, I would like to share a personal story with you about the power of facing your fears by telling you about how I am still facing mine.

Eleven years ago the only borders I was willing to cross were Canada and Mexico. Those felt safe to me. Any other border felt too foreign...too scary.

Eleven years ago I regularly tucked myself into bed at night with fear by watching the evening news right before I went to sleep. I remember specifically watching the news back in the '90's about the war raging between the Bosnians and the Serbs and thinking, "There is no way you will see me in that part of the world in this lifetime."

I used to think back then the people who delivered the news were just trying to keep me safe. But what I discovered was that I was allowing the people who created and delivered the news to steal my 'peace of mind.'

Eleven years ago I read magazines and watched TV shows that undermined the divine light in myself and other souls. I watched movies that contained violent scenes. I read scary books. I read magazines filled with gossip. I never ever felt good after reading about or watching negative programs of any kind. But I did it because that's all I knew. I didn't take the time to think about the bigger picture. I didn't take the time to ask my heart the question, "What if I just disconnect, disentangle, or detach from all these things that feel icky to me, would I then feel better?"

Then, at the divine time in my life, the sun within me began to shine and the stars aligned. Something real, something ancient, unlocked within my being and I began wondering about the 'bigger' picture. I began to search for TRUTH.  I began to change. I began connecting more and more with things that made me feel alive, beautiful, bright, and authentic. I found a new circle of friends that were brave, happy, authentic, and yearned for the same thing I did... TRUTH.

I immediately began having conversations with my heart... and the Divine too.

I started asking myself questions.

"What would it be like to just stop watching the news and find out the information for myself?" 

"What if I stop reading magazines that are full of gossip and cruel stories? 

"Would I feel better about myself?"
"What if I choose to listen to music that lights me up and has lyrics that help me align with feeling good?"

"Would I have a better outlook on life?" 

And then I asked the Divine...

“Does how I feel have everything to do with me and the moment-by-moment choices I make? Is it that simple?”

Is it that simple?”
Could it be that simple?
And I felt in every ounce of my being the answer. 
It truly is that simple.
As I began to peel back the layers of illusion placed upon me by myself and society I found that all these things I was connecting in with was creating a whirlwind of fear within my being. I began to realize that many of the things I saw on the news about how horrible it was in other countries along with how dangerous the inhabitants were and that above all else I should fear these places; that these were news snippets specifically sensationalized to create more dramatic headlines instead of perhaps the original deliver the truth.

I came across a quote years ago by Eleanor Roosevelt she said, 
"Do one thing every day that scares you."

When I read that quote it sounded incredibly scary indeed. Do one thing each day that scares me. But I must say Eleanor Roosevelt spoke the truth and doing one thing that scared me each day has allowed me to expand my world, my consciousness, my vision, my perspective, and my life.

One of the things that scared me was world travel. Crossing unknown borders and going to places where there was war, strife, and cultures different than mine. But here I am now, 11 years later and as I type this I'm in Estepona, Spain. During our Leaving Light Trails Journey, my husband and I have traveled through 15 different countries and 80 cities, and many of these guessed it have been places that where war has been waged. We even visited Croatia which was one of the places I mentioned earlier that I vowed to stay away from in this lifetime. 
(Diocletian's Palace - Split, Croatia)

In addition, we have visited many other countries where war has been waged on its land; such as Bosnia-Herzogovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, and Gibraltar to name a few. And, I am happy to report from the 'front' that the world is full of magic, beauty, and amazing people! But I hope someday you find out first-hand for yourself.

(Reflections of a Steeple - Bled, Slovenia)

(An Austrian carriage passes by a candy shop - Vienna, Austria)

Question of the day:

How are you going to face your fears and let the world discover your brilliance?

So I leave you with this...

Do one thing that scares you every day. Become your own good news reporter.

Let no one confine or define you, not even yourself. When we face our fears we allow our heart to expand across the years. You are a powerful, brilliant, beautiful, resourceful, brave, strong, courageous, and sovereign being of light. Go forth and create your own magic...and wherever you wander...and whomever you meet...leave your light there.

And wherever I wander... I shall be brave enough to go places and do things that expand my heart, my soul, and my consciousness.

Molly Friedenfeld is an Intuitive Light Coach, Spiritual Healer, Angel Channel, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Teacher of Light.

Peace and Love,
Molly Friedenfeld

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

(A powerful message stamped on concrete -- Tarifa, Spain)

I discovered this powerful message on a wall by the old fort down by the oceanside in Tarifa, Spain during my "leaving light trails journey".  It's powerful message continued to return to my consciousness throughout the day long after we left the area. When my husband and I decided to have a cup of coffee at a Starbucks in Marbella, Spain the next day the words and questions for myself and humanity regarding this simple message stamped on a concrete wall began to flow from my heart. 

Hit the replay button...why does history repeat itself?

What if today each one of us found a way to be brave enough to look with new eyes upon the illumination that God, the Universe, the Divine Collective, or (whatever you wish to call your Higher Power), continually and symbolically provides Divine Clues to humanity regarding how history continues to repeat itself?

Would we find truth beneath all the layers of illusion and fear that war creates? Would we find that a war of any kind creates and perpetuates more wars? Would we find that hatred, anger, spite, or the need to usurp another creates a vibrational match within our being and this vibration aligns with the vibration of war? And, isn't this the very thing we are trying to end? Would we find our way to the TRUTH that perhaps this is the reason why humanity continues to recreate war after war, after war?

When war is present there will always be refugees. Bombs destroy homes and infrastructure. Guns are used in war to destroy human beings. Period. This creates destruction of families. The act of killing another human creates the new need for healing across all family lines down through the generations on both sides of the war...Mothers, fathers, children, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, acquaintances who hear the stories of the event all store this pain in their cellular DNA. It becomes a whirlwind of pain, grief, and trauma carried through the lineage of history.

My grandmother’s only son, my uncle Richard Reese, a 19-year-old teenager from Wisconsin, froze to death on the battlefield during the Korean War. She never was the same after his passing. I think she just couldn’t make sense of something so senseless. His death affected my life too. He was an uncle I never had the chance to meet. I only met him in black-and-white photos. My mother carried the pain of losing her only brother in her heart for her entire journey here. You see…WAR is the great thief…It  steals a family’s wishes, hopes, and dreams.

As we travel around the world to places that have been ripped apart by war...Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Hungary I hear story after story of the trauma war has created in the lives of its people. 

War, what is it good for? Who does it serve? 

War affects towns, livelihood, and basic structure. This then creates the need for the people left behind in the war zone to leave all that they know with a few belongings and traverse across foreign borders to find some kind of peace and solace. A new home. A new something. Anything. Some place of refuge perhaps different than the destruction, rubble, and pain from where they have traveled from. 

Think about this for a moment...Wouldn't we all do the same if someone invaded our country, our town, our home? Where do you go when you have no place to go?

There were millions of refugees during the Holocaust. Thousands upon thousands in the Vietnam War. Many of those refugees who were turned away from borders perished at the hands of others. Many souls were shown love and mercy and taken in by other countries by Earthly Angels around the globe. 

Courageous Love:
Can we all be brave enough to end the battle within ourselves so the only vibration within our being is LOVE?

People love to follow and admire powerful souls that walked this earth such as Jesus, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, and Mother Mary. Why? I think perhaps one of the reasons is because no matter what symbolic 'Molotav Cocktail' was throw at these powerful souls via harsh words, rocks, imprisonment, or spears they refused to connect in with the vibration of war. They chose to let LOVE light the way. Each one of these souls became an authentic symbol of Peace and Love as they walked upon this earth in human form.
(Mary and Child Jesus - Vejer de la Frontera, Spain)

These brave souls flowed love and light to the experience instead. They became a servant of the light and surrendered to the light at every opportunity. Each one in his or her own special way became a walking lighthouse that others could find as they traveled through the dark and turbulent waters. 

(Lighthouse at Cabo de Roca -- The Westernmost point of Continental Europe -- Portugal)

Does war occur in Heaven?

Does war occur in Heaven? And if not, why do we allow a few people in power around the world, and even in our own governments, to continue convincing us to keep killing each other? Why do we allow wars to exist here if we have faith that wars of any kind do not exist in Heaven?

Borders Create Separation:

We are all sovereign beings. Even if someone tries to put us in chains. You can not chain a heart. Don't we all deserve a place on this earth to call home? Who owns the earth?

What if we now come full circle and remember one simple line from the Lord's Prayer to help us remember the bigger picture...

"On earth as it is in Heaven."

We must be brave enough to find our own truth and remember no matter walk in our authentic light. 

Wherever I wander... I will be brave and speak my truth and on my path I shall leave light there.
Molly Friedenfeld is an Intuitive Light Coach, Spiritual Healer, Angel Channel, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Teacher of Light.

Peace and Love,
Molly Friedenfeld

Friday, June 3, 2016

Leaving Light Trails - Honoring Angels in Austria

(Henriette, Gerard, and Rudolf Friedenfeld)

I would like to share with you a personal story of one of our most powerful days on our Leaving Light Trails journey thus far. Our journey began over fifty days ago with its origination in Florida, but this story that I am about to tell you began much, much earlier. To be exact over seven decades ago. And once again I am amazed...and continually reminded that we are all sparks of Divine Light weaving golden threads of energy in and out of each others lives creating what I like to call the grand tapestry of life.

Let me explain further by telling you my story...

Gerard Friedenfeld, my husband Peter's father, (pictured above middle), was born in Vienna, Austria to Rudolf and Henrietta Friedenfeld. After the annexation of Austria to Nazi Germany, life for the Jews was became quite difficult. Peter's father was just 14 years old when his family was forced out of their home to live in an open field.

Divine Intervention saves a life:

During this period the Nazis performed cruel exercises on men and boys, making them climb a ladder and jumping on cobblestones. After three jumps, Gerard fell and broke his leg. Due to this accident, Gerard was sent to a hospital which synchronistically saved him from the Nazi gas chambers. His parents Rudolf and Henriette Friedenfeld visited him in the hospital and told him he would be sent to England as part of the Kindertransport. (A children transport via train out of the Nazi occupied area.) This heart-wrenching decision was made by his parents in order to save his life.

Divine Intervention occurs once again:

Gerard was the oldest child on the last Kindertransport. There was one more train set for departure after Gerard's train but the Nazi's closed the border and that train full of children was never seen again.

Find out more about the Kindertransport and Gerard Friedenfeld's story HERE.

A father and mother say goodbye to their only child:

This was the last time Gerard saw his parents Rudolf and Henriette who then most likely perished in the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto bombardment in Poland.

Arriving in England on crutches, Gerard was taken in by a wonderful woman, Lola Hahn-Warburg, who provided shelter in her home and medical care for his leg. Gerard considered this courageous woman who saved so many children all over the world, his second mother.

Seventy-four years later light arrives to heal hearts:

Seventy-four years later my husband Peter and I booked a trip through a travel abroad company that synchronistically had one of the locations on the trip as a stop in Vienna, Austria. As we are now traveling through Europe we have found our way back to my husband's roots in Vienna, Austria. It was known through family members that a memorial marker existed in an old jewish cemetery in Vienna that honored his grandparents Henriette and Rudolf. Because of this information we set out to find the marker. When we arrived in Vienna on May 26, 2016 we had no cemetery name, only the following information: Group 9, Row 7, Marker #42.

Synchronicity after synchronicity continues to create mini-miracles during our search:

The day after we arrived in Vienna we went on a guided tour. At the end of the tour we asked our guide Elsa if she had any knowledge of an old Jewish cemetery in Vienna. She directed us to the Zentralfriedhof Cemetery, one of the largest cemeteries in the world. It sits on the outskirts of Vienna. I noticed right away that "fried", part of our last name, was mentioned in the name of this cemetery. A Divine Clue that did not go unnoticed. We then hopped on a train and headed to the cemetery with the information we had been given.

The Zentralfriedenhof cemetery is extremely large with thousands and thousands of gravesites. There are over 138,000+ Jewish gravesites alone. Because of its immense size, there are actually four separate gates and two separate Jewish sections, both on opposite sides of the cemetery, and each with the same section and row numbers in a different language.

(The Star of David adorns sacred markers honoring many souls who perished during the Holocaust.)

We looked around for the marker in the first section for approximately one and a half hours with no luck. We then found the administration building. The woman behind the counter sent us to a different administration building serving another Jewish section of the cemetery on the opposite side of the cemetery, two gates away by train.

By this time we were hot and tired and needed some Divine Intervention. I am continually amazed at how many times I forget that I can have a conversation with the Divine anywhere, any time. Its the same as having a conversation with another soul on earth. All I need to remember is to simply "ask"' the Divine for assistance.

So I put out a call on a wave of light from my heart to Henriette and Rudolf.

I said, "Henriette and Rudolf Friedenfeld we are here in Vienna. We have come to find and honor your purpose for being. We aren't leaving here until we find you so please send us some Angels to help us."

I immediately felt the energy of Peter's father, Gerard, who transitioned to the light in February of 2015 flow in beside me.

Peter and I then hopped on the train once again and took it to the last gate, gate number 4.

(Train stop at Zentralfriedhof Cemetery - gate 4.)

An Earthly Angel arrives:

We disembarked from the train and walked through gate 4, the final gate. We headed in the direction of the administration building. The office was closed for the day but we didn't let that dissuade us. A few moments later we encountered a man who approached us from the side of the building. We were overjoyed to discovered that he spoke English.

Peter stated, "We are trying to locate the gravesite memorial of my grandparents and are hoping you can you help us."

The man replied, "Hold on I'll find someone for you."

The second Earthly Angel arrives:

A few minutes later the first man returned with another man who was the groundskeeper for this particular section of the cemetery. The man that first introduced us soon departed.

Peter said to the groundskeeper, "Do you speak English?"

The man shook his head and said, "No."

He then motioned with his hands and in broken English said, “Wait. Here.”

The Third Earthly Angel arrives:

The groundskeeper returned a short while later with a young girl in tow.

He said, "My daughter, she speaks English."

She said, “Hello, how can we help you?”

We showed her the names, group, and row number information we had. She then translated it to her father.

He nodded his head up and down. I immediately understood this to mean he knew of the general location where the marker is located. They spoke between themselves for a few moments.

She then said, "We know the area where it is we will take you there now."

(Earthly Angels arrive to help us find the marker.)

We started walking and within five minutes I could tell we were getting close. I was getting flutters in my stomach and I could feel the energy of Henriette, Rudolf, and Peter's father Gerard tapping me on the shoulder. We all fanned out in separate rows to find the gravesite memorial.

This time I remembered...

I sent out one final prayer.

I said, "Henriette and Rudolf Friedenfeld we are here in Vienna. We have come to find and honor your purpose for being. We aren't leaving until we find you. Thank you for sending us the Earthly Angels to help us find you. We are grateful. Please help us find your memorial marker."

I then stopped in my tracks and looked to my right and there was the memorial marker obscured from site and covered in vines!

I yelled to the others, “We found it. We found it!”

(Memorial marker representing Henriette and Rudolf Friedenfeld including six other souls.)


Peter and I both started crying immediately. The feeling of love and gratitude being flowed to us from his grandparents, and his father washed over both of us in waves.

We thanked the two amazing souls that helped us locate this sacred location for us. I asked if I could take their picture, and then we said our goodbyes.

Angel pennies represent light:

I’ve been leaving Angel pennies in each country we visit. I place them under rocks, caves, window ledges, portals in trees, cracks in foundations etc. I just happened to have nine Angel pennies in my pocket that day. I didn't count the pennies before we left. I didn't know how many souls were on the marker. Synchronistically I had one penny to represent each of the souls on the memorial marker (Henriette and Rudolf and six other souls) and one penny left over to leave in the “portal” of a tree close to the gravesite to anchor the light there. I see this as yet another Divine Miracle.

(Angel pennies represent each soul's light)

(I left an Angel penny in this Faerie portal inside the tree to anchor the light there.)

All souls are connected souls - We are all ONE:

We left flowers at the gravesite for Peter's grandparents and then we took half of the flowers from the bouquet and placed a flower on many of the gravesites of souls we didn’t know in this lifetime but know in our hearts they are our soul brothers and sisters of ours in the light.

(Leaving flowers for our soul brothers and sisters)

When we connect with our heart we realize we are the Universe.
We are part of the grand tapestry of life.
We become the light, the truth, the glory.
We grant mercy, grace, and forgiveness,
We choose to turn the page, write a new chapter, and create a new story.

Two Years Earlier

The story of light continues as an Earthly Angel is remembered in the name of another:

On February 16, 2015, my husband’s father, Gerard Friedenfeld, transitioned to the light at 90 years old. One week before he transitioned I sat by his bedside and held his hands. I asked him if he would allow me to apologize on behalf of all the souls responsible for ending the lives of his parents, friends and others. I stated, in addition I would like to apologize for the acts of dishonor that you experienced also. He wasn't quite sure what to make of me doing such a thing. So I told him about an ancient Hawaiian prayer called Ho'oponopono. He had never heard of the Ho'oponopono prayer but nodded his head in agreement. I kept it pure. I kept it simple. I explained to him that the prayer is said in first person because I am the one stepping forward to apologize.

The Ho'oponopono prayer:
I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

As tears formed in my eyes I began. "Gerard Friedenfeld, I am sorry."

With tears streaming down my cheeks I continued, "Please forgive me."

I looked into his eyes and said, "Thank you."

I ended. "I love you."

After I finished we both sat for a moment in silence.

And then Gerard stated in the form of a question, "My goodness is that all there is to it?"

He was talking about the simplicity of the act of forgiving another so your soul can fly free.

We felt lighter.

We felt brighter.

We felt at peace.

My father-in-law Gerard Friedenfeld transitioned to the light one week later.

The Story of Light Continues:

Later that same month, in February 2015, Gerard's great-granddaughter was born. She was named "Lola" in honor of Lola Hahn-Warburg, the Earthly Angel that saved his life by coordinating his passage out of Germany via the Kindertransport as a 14 year old teenager. The light lives on in the soul of another for energy never dies, it is always changing and transforming.

And for this reason alone I shall remember to walk on this earth with light trails in my footsteps.


Find out more about the Kindertransport and Gerard Friedenfeld's story HERE.

Find out more about the Zentralfriedhof Cemetery HERE.

Wherever I wander... I shall leave light there.

Molly Friedenfeld is an Intuitive Light Coach, Spiritual Healer, Angel Channel, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Teacher of Light.

Peace and Love,