Friday, April 22, 2016

Leaving Light Trails -- The Angel from Alberta

(Molly and the two Peter's! Peter K. and Peter F. somewhere between Miami and Cuba)

My husband Peter and I met an Angel on our cruise ship the other day somewhere off the coast of Miami and pretty close to Cuba. His name is also Peter and he is from Calgary, Alberta Canada. I first encountered Peter K. on Deck 12 of our cruise ship. His white cane with the red tip was unmistakable and it got my attention right away. You see my mother Helen transitioned to the light in 2012, she was was also blind so I know how challenging it can be to navigate down unknown hallways and stairways with limited or no sight. I could feel my mother's presence and her magical energy connecting us two souls in the middle of the sea.

I would like to mention one important side note to this story for those of you who might not have read my book The Book of Simple Human Truths. Each morning one of the things I like to do is ask the Universe to please flow in front of me a soul or souls that I can help in some big or small way on this day. And each day I have the most AwEsOmE encounters with people, animals, and nature. Also in turn the super cool thing that happens is they end up by helping me expand my heart and my consciousness.

So here's how this story started and the simple magic that followed:

I was just leaving the fitness center when I encountered a man named Peter. He was trying to find the spa but had taken a wrong turn and had unfortunately worked his way into a corner in the hallway. Here was my opportunity to help someone!

I thanked the Universe for answering my request and approached the man.

I gently touched his arm as to not alarm him and I said, "Sir my name is Molly may I assist you in some way to get where you are going?"

He said in return, "My name is Peter and it seems I've gotten turned around a bit. I am heading to the spa."

I said, "I would be happy to help you get there."

Peter and I then walked arm-in-arm to the spa. I found out he is from Calgary, Alberta Canada. I told him I was from Florida.

I felt like crying for the "light" emanating from this soul was so strong. He was so anchored in his heart and so kind. No complaining. Just kindness. He was like a walking lighthouse beacon.

A few minutes later we arrived at the spa and I handed Peter off to the person behind the counter. We said our goodbyes and I immediately placed another request to the Universe.

I said Universe, "Please flow me in front of this amazing Angel again somehow."

The next day my husband Peter and I were on a walk on the outside deck, as we turned the corner there was the other Peter! I approached Peter and touched his arm.

"Hi Peter" I said, "It's Molly and my husband is here with me. His name is Peter too! Would you mind if we walk with you?"

So, off we went. Three souls. Peter K. Peter F. and me. 
(The two Peter's taking a stroll on Deck 7)
(Peter guiding Peter)

I said, "Peter, it looks as if you have a scrape here on your arm and forehead. Did that just happen?"

He replied nonchalantly, "I took a little tumble down the stairs yesterday. I just get right back up again. No problem."

"Wow!" I thought to myself, "This man is so strong and anchored in his heart. He has such an amazing energy, outlook, and attitude. I am so blessed to have encountered him."

And then something even more magical happened! The ship's outdoor walkway narrowed and the waves starting rocking the ship a bit and that's when my husband Peter put his arm around the other Peter to stabilize him. And the two "Peter's" began walking arm-in arm.

Tears filled my eyes because now this Angel from Alberta without sight was helping me to "see" the world in an expanded view, and not only that he was also helping my husband "see" the power of unconditional love.

As we extend ourselves unconditionally and spontaneously to other souls we expand our heart and our consciousness. In addition we create magical moments and memories that we can hold onto throughout all space and time, and lifetimes. We hold all these precious memories in the vessel of our sacred heart.

Here was another soul and another encounter that helped me remember my divinity and so wherever I wander...I shall leave light there.

Molly Friedenfeld is an Intuitive Light Coach, Spiritual Healer, Angel Channel, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Teacher of Light.
Peace and Love,
Molly Friedenfeld

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