Monday, March 21, 2016

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

(Our belongings are packed up and ready for the storage unit)

Hello Everyone!

On April 1, 2016, my husband and I are answering the call of our hearts and embarking on a magical journey. We are going to become wanderers and do as Earthly Angels do by just "winging it." For the next 5 months -- April through August 2016 we are going to move about the planet, meet amazing people, and visit sacred places around the world. I invite you to join us on this amazing journey energetically. Just read below to find out how!

The story begins:

Back in 2011, I received an intuitive reading session with a woman named Cynthia. During my reading, over 5 years ago, Cynthia said, "I see you and your husband circling the arc of the globe." She continued, "You will be spreading your message of goodness and light to others."  I didn't understand what she met at the time but I do now. As I continue allowing my heart to guide me I am discovering this leg of my life's journey is part of my purpose, my destiny, my promise.

Leaving light trails in my footsteps: 

In each magical place my husband and I visit we are going to "leave light" wherever our feet touch the earth or wherever our ship travels across the sea. In many places, I am going to leave an energetic symbol of this light -- "an Angel Penny" -- to create a new portal (doorway) of light so other souls can connect with this anchored light long after we have left the area.

My faith is that this "journey of light" will help to heal the water, land, and connect with the hearts of humanity. We are all beings of "light" after all. We can heal anything by just "being" the light. Right?! Absolutely!

I addition, I am going to connect with souls that cross my path in whimsical and ways! I shall document each leg of our journey on my Violet Wisdom blog. In each blog post I will give the exact location of each encounter so you can see where in the world I am anchoring the light and all the magnificent souls the I meet along the way! 

(The Whimsy Pose beneath the great Baranoff Oak tree in Safety Harbor, Florida - Molly, Judy, Bob, Jill, Julie, Dave)

The Whimsy Pose

My friend Jill Stephenson and I met Judy, Bob, Julie and Dave beneath the great Barnaoff Oak tree in Safety Harbor, Florida at the annual Bloom-n-Chalk Art Festival on March 20, 2016. These amazing souls were visiting from Indiana. We all struck the "whimsy pose" within minutes of meeting each other! Now that's AwEsOmE!

I encourage you to FOLLOW my blog so you can meet all the amazing souls I encounter along the way!

(Molly, me, myself, and I posing in front of one of the winning creations at the 2016 Safety Harbor Bloom-n-Chalk Art Festival)

Molly Friedenfeld is an Illuminator, Spiritual Healer, Angel Channel, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Teacher of Light.

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